Sunday, February 07, 2010

William on Saturday

hey everyone

well, as i am sure as many of you get all excited by my comments on Northern African cigarettes and Bowie re-releases, i dare say the majority pop by this site to see how the young James and William are getting on!

James is of a camera-shy mind this weekend, it seems, so there's only a few pics of William to show off!!

William has very much discovered his smile, and it is indeed gorgeous. however, as these pics show off, he has James' trick of not smiling when anyone is even thinking of taking a picture down to perfection!

it doesn't stop him looking cute and lovable, though!!

when not smiling away, William loves nothing more that to study and think about absolutely everything he can see. his favourites are easily James' Star Wars posters, as well as the numerous painting and pictures James has drawn.

he has also clocked how to use his hands, and for the most part tries to eat them!

well, if i manage to catch a picture of William giving one of his stunning smiles i will put it up here! in the mean time, will just enjoy them ourselves i guess!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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