Sunday, February 28, 2010

shopping, baking and what have you

hey everyone

right, as excited as many of you probably were about the Star Wars pictures in the last post, time for an update of the boys, methinks.

James has had something of a busy week, really. first up, he rather gracefully assisted me with some shopping. here he is, proudly showing off his very own shopping trolley!

i am not sure if you can make out the contents of his trolley. if not, well, if left to James, for dinner we would have had some jelly snake sweets, some jelly sweets in the shape of racing cars, some (admittedly lovely) mini pancakes and a loaf of brown bread. just as well i followed with a slightly bigger trolley, then.

next up is James baking with Mummy. it was James' turn to be baker at school, and so without an oven at the moment (awaiting repairs - hello Dad!) Michele hit on the ace idea of making racing cars. they had jelly babies as drivers of the boudoir biscuits that made the body of the car (i think that's the right terminology), with jelly tots as the wheels. they looked and indeed tasted ace, and James had great fun in making them!

well, he had fun eventually. James, it has to be said, was somewhat wary - and indeed morally dubious - about the notion of cutting the legs off jelly babies to stick them on the biscuit car thing. all moral dilemmas were washed away, however, when James clocked that he would in fact be able to eat all the separated legs!

the more astute of you, or those with a fine eye, may very well have noticed that James has had something of a haircut since the last pics of him. i take credit for that, thanks. he really doesn't like the idea of Mummy cutting his hair anymore, so i asked him if he would like to go and see the nice people who cut my hair. the answer, eventually, was yes!

to help save wear and tear on your mouse, then, here's another pic of him baking with his new haircut on display. it should save you scrolling up and down. perhaps.

as i did mention an update of the boys, here are some more pictures i took of William in the gallant hope of catching him in the act of smiling. he does truly have a wonderful, infectious smile. a smile that, for the most part, you will simply have to take my word for as, for the most part, in William's world cameras out means that the smiles are put away.

well, in the one above (scroll away) i sort of almost caught him smiling, but in this next one he has clearly thought better of it and has his "Dad, what are you doing" look about him, really.

no smile for the camera perhaps, but he's healthy and very happy indeed, so we are just fine with his serious camera poses, thanks!

we have also over the last few days even managed to sneak in a couple of films, believe it or not. reviews will follow soon, but in the mean time my bed and the new John Grisham paperback are calling me......

hope you've all had a most splendid weekend!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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