Monday, February 22, 2010

Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand

Hey Everyone

Well, Paul Rutherford in New Zealand has seemingly ignored my request to have my copy of his album signed. ho hum, no matter, for it seems that people are still allowed to send things like pictures out of New Zealand, as the following ones sent on by Gillian, Grant, Katie and Daniel testify!

they have been away to somewhere that sounds to me like "WangaNookie", but Gillian gets frightfully upset when i don't use the correct names for places. they were, then, as it says at the top, in a lovely looking place called Mount Maunganui.

first off, here's Daniel, looking quite chuffed with being dans le beach.

nice haircut - wish we could persuade James to have a similar trim! i am not at all sure what Daniel is doing with his hands, but it's a pose he is doing in most of the pictures sent. perhaps it's a New Zealand thing, or just a "Grant thing" that he has picked up on from his dad.

speaking of Grant things, here's a pic that is very much Grant in style. it features not sheep, but food. it seems that this Mount Wangathingie is blessed with a fish and chip shop that sells absolutely massive bits of fried fish.

there is also, as Grant is showing off, a place which seemingly makes some most class pizzas. if i ever went there, i probably wouldn't wish to leave, looking at the chow on offer!

i will wager that Grant took this next picture of Katie building a sand castle.

i will also further wager that Grant was unaware that Katie was actually sat there making a sandcastle, i think we all know exactly what he was taking a picture of....

moving on, and every picture tells a story. whilst Katie appears to be taking the sensible approach of having a nice little snooze, Daniel seems to be of the view that it's "have ice cream, will rave" time. all the time.

splendid! many thanks for sending on the pictures (one of them in particular), looks like a very smart holiday!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ex-Frankies please do not ignore your fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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