Wednesday, February 17, 2010

David Lee Roth

hey everyone

i had reason to have a conversation with my chum Spiros during the course of the day. during that conversation, the subject of David Lee Roth arose; a subject that does indeed crop up in conversations between us more often than not.

whilst discussing the general, all around brilliant way of David Lee Roth, the following observation cropped up -

number of David Lee Roth video James has seen : 2, Yankee Rose and Just Like Paradise.

number of David Lee Roth video James has seen and thinks are ace : 2, Yankee Rose and Just Like Paradise.

this wonderful equation came up as yesterday the magnificent new channel on TV here, VH1 Classic, wisely showed the video for Just Like Paradise. James was very impressed indeed with the sight of Roth climbing up an absolutely massive mountain to play his most excellently shaped guitar.

the video thus far he has had me play again and again, though, has been Yankee Rose. i think that James really likes the idea of this guy going off and doing his shopping (a jelly doughnut and bottle of anything is indeed a handsome shopping list) whilst having all sorts of exotic face paint and hair feathers on the go.

further to that, i would imagine that James, like the rest of the known universe, is really rather taken with the most excellent jumping skills that David Lee Roth has.

the Yankee Rose video does have some problems, mind. i have yet to, for instance, come up with a good reason to give to James as to why the pants of Mr David Lee Roth do not feature quite enough material to cover everything.

ho hum, one day he shall understand.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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