Monday, February 22, 2010

disc oddities

hey everyone

well, the mostly good website kalahri was having something of a bonkers sale on the go, selling 6 (six) DVDs for R100! i expected most of the titles eligible to be absolute rubbish, and for the most part my expectations were met. however, i was able to find 6 decent titles (well, five and Bachelor Party Massacre to be specific). at least that is i thought i had found six decent titles. two of them were not quite the titles listed....

first off, i was rather excited to see A Breed Apart on their sale list. the description matched the Rutger Hauer film that i recalled from the 80s - A conservationist and a widow meet a mountain climber hired to steal bald-eagle eggs - and thus i ordered it. i was particularly excited about seeing it again, as i rather fondly recall that Ms Kathleen Turner does not always keep all her clothes on.
my ambitions of reliving my youth and admiring Ms Turner sans blouse and Mr Hauer running about with an eye-patch protecting birds, however, are not to be met as part of my order. the disc i received is indeed called A Breed Apart, but the film i remember it most certainly is not!

this film called A Breed Apart seems to have been made in the 90s. it doesn't feature Kathleen Turner, eagles, eye-patches or anything like that. it does, according to the box, feature Andrew McCarthy out of Mannequin, as well as Robert Patrick, he who was the liquid T-1000 in Terminator 2. as the latter doesn't feature on the cover, you have to ask just how rubbish it is. i am debating whether or not to even take the plastic off the box, let alone watch it. the plot is on the box, but it's far too complicated and busy for me to concentrate on and repeat here. lots of stuff blowing up seems to be the gist of it.

secondly, there is the case of The Hit, a masterpiece starring John Hurt, Terrence Stamp and a young Tim Roth, described by as thus : Two hitmen are sent to Spain to pick up a man who's been hiding there for ten years and bring him to Paris to be executed. A sort of road movie ensues, in which the hitmen must face their own ineptitude and nothing goes as planned.
yep, that's the one i wanted, and indeed had bought not so long ago only to discover that the disc had a pressing fault and stopped playing half way through. i thought it wise to order another copy, then. alas, as above, what they sent didn't quite meet the description given!

this version of The Hit stars Maxwell Caulfield, ladies and gentlemen. yes, that Maxwell Caulfield, the one who was in dire Dynasty spin-off The Colbys. it was filmed in Lithuania, and apparently is all about our Maxwell getting drunk, deciding to hire a hitman to take out his wife, then wake up the next day and decide it was a bad idea. great, can't wait to watch that one.

whoops, is all i can say. i suppose i could send them back, but the odds of them having the actual films i wanted are limited - they, after all, seem to be of the impression that these two are the ones i wanted, since that's how they had them listed! besides, the low cost of them makes it rather futile to go off and argue away, really. i might (might)give them a look, but i am fortunate enough to have a brother that considers Convoy to be one of the greatest films ever made. if that is his benchmark, it could well be that he will declare both of the films listed above as masterpieces!

be careful when shopping for bargains, you might get what you pay for!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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