Thursday, February 18, 2010

birthday celebrations

hey everyone

well, other than The Sweet being at Number One with Blockbuster! 37 years ago today, there's the small matter of me being born at more or less the same time! i have been fortunate enough to have a most splendid day, celebrating with many and being the recipient of some sensational and generous good wishes - thank you all.

this was none more evident than at verk, where i was treated to good wishes, kisses (some even from ladies!) and the good old tradition of being covered in "office confetti", that being the bits of paper one finds in hole punches!

my good friend and chief mechanical overseer Jayson was the ringleader of the confetti tormentors, and so it is with great delight that i have a pic here of him with my good self.

and just what would one have for lunch on their birthday? well, let's think about this, shall we? yes, as most people who phoned me seemed to have assumed, it was indeed the choice of The King, Elvis Presley for lunch - some quality KFC.

Trigger, my official photographer, and i went off to go and get some. he wisely, like all two of the pics above, decided that myself in KFC was a most excellent photo opportunity.

many thanks again indeed Trigger for the sterling work done in capturing important moments!

after verk it was of course time for home, and some quality time with the person in the world who i know loves birthdays more than anyone else in history. that would be young James!

James very kindly opened all my cards and presents, chose a birthday cake at the shops for me, decided what we were having for dinner and blew out my birthday cake candles for me!

you will notice an excellent birthday card featuring the likeness of The King, Elvis Presley on display. this was done for me by my darling wife who is rather talented with all things visual. well, all things visual bar selecting a handsome husband, i hear you say.

i mention this skill of hers because she also presented me with a wonderful gift; a fantastic painting / portrait / "pastel drawing" of our family.

it is stunning, and the only reason it's not up on the wall right now is because i have a gift for putting nails straight through hot water pipes! i am sure Dad will be over to put it up soon!

many, many thanks once again to all who have sent on their good wishes, and generous hopes that i see many, many more. i hope you have all had as good a day as i!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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