Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wall Street 2 : Plot Twists Never Sleep?

well, despite a few years ago me writing an article on this blog suggesting that a sequel to Wall Street would be a rather good idea, as the release of it in April 2010 draws close i am beginning to suspect that i could well be proved wrong. done properly, a sequel to it for the reasons i outlined (go do a search of my older posts!) would be good. the film about to be released (Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps) seems to have taken many, many ideas and crammed them all into one.

it would be wrong to judge the film before its released (by all accounts the trailer is most impressive), but the signs are worrying. take, for example, the poster released for the film.

that is just lazy design, really. i hate it when those who make these posters put the name of an actor against an image of another. i mean, is it really that much hard work to "flip" the photograph? as even pirate DVDs manage to (usually) get the actor and his name next to each other, there's no excuse for a professionally designed and released poster to do the same!

there's also the matter of a rather busy sounding plot to it. how much of what i will describe is actually genuine i do not know without seeing it, but in between the next two pics i will give a rundown on what has been reported. needless to say, the parts between the two pictures should be considered as having *** POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! ***

the film, apparently, features Gordon Gekko released from prison (we never saw him actually get sentenced in the original, you may recall) and on quite a mission. he is determined to both salvage his relationship with his youngest daughter and warn the financial community of Wall Street of an impending, major stock crash. how he worked the latter out from behind bars will be interesting to see. anyway, on top of this, he is approached by an up and coming stockbroker (the mostly thus far strongly disliked by film fans Shia LaBeouf), who for no clear reason at this stage believes that Gekko can help him work out how his mentor, played by the superb Frank Langella), died or was murdered. in return for his help, somehow young Shia will assist Gekko in restoring his name and reputation on Wall Street.

add to this the return of Charlie Sheen as Bud Fox, and indeed Martin Sheen as his onscreen father, and you seem to have a great many plot elements, do you not?

Wall Street was exceptional because it captured a time perfectly, saw the future and explored the morality of what you want against what you need. Wall Street Money Never Sleeps appears at this stage to be reflective, interested in father-daughter relationships and has a bit of a murder mystery thrown in just in case that plot device might work. i really, really hope that the plot is nowhere near as busy as being reported.

it would be very nice indeed if my concerns around the above were not warranted and this film turns out to be at least somewhere near as good as the original. i don't recall being all that impressed by an Oliver Stone film since the brilliant Natural Born Killers, so i fear my faith may be misplaced.

Gordon Gekko is an iconic figure of American cinema creation as R.P. McMurphy, Hannibal Lector and Tony Montana. we all, deep down, love the bad guy, and few were ever as realistically bad as Gekko. if Wall Street Money Never Sleeps at least avoids tarnishing that image, it will not be all bad i guess!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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