Sunday, February 14, 2010

weekend wonders

hey everyone

well, the weekend wasn't all doom and gloom, as my last post might have suggested. with a wonderful family, everything else is really just problems to fix, annoying people are to be dealt with accordingly. although i am feeling somewhat worn out, so excuse me if this goes astray. that last bit sounds familiar.........

today was of course Valentines Day and, despite the assertion that married people don't "do" certain things, Michele and i did indeed mark the day. one of the things i got Michele (yes, one of them, i do try to bestow many gifts on my little munchkin. although i think all munchkins are little...) was a lovely teddy bear thingie that sticks on windows and what have you. James took a rather liberal reading of "what have you"....

he was quite excited about the idea of having a teddy bear stuck to his head for some reason. well, excited enough to have discovered that he could do it, then pose for some pictures. it hasn't been stuck to his head, neither by default nor design, since this next pic was taken, so enjoy it....

James, Mummy and William also made me a very splendid card for the day!

i will leave it to you to work out who did which bits, but let it be said that the words, if not all the writing, were from James. i know this because James made me read it out to him to make sure that Mummy had written what he had asked!

happy news, as intimated in my previous post, is that William seems to be fine insofar as his rather high temperature has dropped down to a kind of normal. we've been rather worried about him, indeed Michele was up for just about all of Saturday night trying to keep his temperature down and spirits up.

here he is, then, having a little bit of a lie down and contemplating it all!

i suspect the above is the best pic i have taken of William thus far!

i am starting to think that we should call him "the thinker", for when William is not smiling then he seems to have a curious, contemplative look on his face.....

no bad thing, but certainly different from how James did things at roughly the same age. for sake of comparison, let me take you on a walk down memory lane and show you a pic of what James was doing at around 2 months of age!

i suspect the difference is that James didn't have to worry about what James was doing running around, a concern that William certainly, delightfully, has!

so, that's the weekend, then. the best of times and the worst of times, really. you could probably start a novel or something off with that last sentence, i think.

hope your weekend has been more good than bad!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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