Sunday, March 22, 2009

Land's End

hey everyone

a couple of pictures from family holidays some 30 years ago!

now, i really wish i could conjure up some ace, Billy Connolly style stories about holidays in Cornwall, but alas i cannot. i really don't remember too much about the holidays these pictures are from. i do recall a not too far away holiday in Torquay in 1983, but that one has been spoken of often on this site, i think!

anyway, first off, an image from 1976, with the sign (in miles, for my more cosmopolitan and decimal readers) point off to where we lived on Longbeck Lane...

that's me and Richard with Mum and Dad. i do wonder what the gent with the binoculars was looking at? looking at the sign posts, it seems he's under the impression that he would be able to see the east coast of America in that direction!

and then here's a pic from the same place in 1978 when, as the more astute of you will note, there were then five of us.....

Gillian would be about one and a bit in this picture! the sign is interesting - apparently in two years New Marske had moved two miles closer to the end of England! Richard doesn't look all that happy in this pic, no idea what had caused him distress, but it was probably my fault!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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