Sunday, March 08, 2009

Butterfly Creek, New Zealand

hey everyone

well, as part of some sort of meditation ritual before the arrival of a pyjama wearing, five in the morning kitchen botherer (see previous posts for identity, as if you didn't know), Gillian, Daniel, Katie and of course Grant went off to a rather splendid sounding place called Butterfly Creek. Grant, being the deft cameraman that he is, decided not to send pictures of either the Creek or the butterflies that one presumes inhabit the place. he did, however, send on some great pics of everyone having fun!

first up is an unknown young lady, Katie, Daniel and Gillian giving some nice stuff to eat to the goats. well, i assume it's nice. i mean, why would Gillian give them something that they didn't like? further, i would take a guess that it is the same stuff that Grant gives them before he [TEXT OBSCURED ON LEGAL ADVICE], which would explain why young Daniel is a bit hesitant, really.

they do seem to have some rather relaxed traffic laws over there in New Zealand, as it appears that Katie has been allowed to have a whirl at driving a tractor!

Daniel seems rather confident in his sister's ability to drive it OK, as he has no hesitation whatsoever in catching a lift in the trailer hooked up to it!

and it's 10 out of 10 for bravery for the young lad sat on top of the tractor that Katie's driving in this next picture, as Katie seems to be having a crack at that holy grail of driving activities - seeing how fast and how far you can go with your eyes covered up.

i must say i am rather jealous of Katie. every time i try and have a go at driving blindfolded, or just without my glasses on, everyone gets so excited, saying "oh, no, you mustn't do that" and "you are bad enough when you can see properly". well, good luck to you Katie, have fun with it! in a worst case, remember, it's always nature's fault for growing the tree there.

now then, wither Grant? i can see no sight of sheep at this fine place, which is no bad thing really, as Grant would probably just wish to [TEXT OBSCURED ON LEGAL ADVICE], leaving a set of circumstances where ice creams would be late and probably less enjoyable. oh well, it seems that Grant is just as happy paying some attention to the goats!

i quite like the brave chicken (or possibly hen, but i doubt that Grant would [TEXT OBSCURED ON LEGAL ADVICE]. at least not in daylight) which seems to be clucking ever closer to Grant. i also note that the goat is getting rather friendly with Grant in the next pic. i have little doubt that the goat sees licking Grant's hand as an act of friendship, or a thank you for the food. one can only hope that Grant has the good decency and, as it were, taste to see it as such, instead of interpreting it as [TEXT OBSCURED ON LEGAL ADVICE], especially as it is unlikely that the goat would be able to say otherwise in a court of law or even to the proprietors of Butterfly Creek.

well, there you have it. from the interwebnet thingie it does sound like Butterfly Creek is a fascinating place to go and visit. i am sure that on the next visit Grant will indulge us with some images of the butterflies, the Creek and other sights there, rather than just [TEXT OBSCURED ON LEGAL ADVICE].

by the way, New Zealand - if you still wish to receive items in the post (the SA Post Office willing, bless them), you may wish to consider giving me at least a clue as to your new address.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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