Tuesday, March 03, 2009

toffee apples : 50% quality

hey everyone

well, James' excitement over the weekend was not limited to the joys of being a brickie for Grandad and watching Daddy change a car tyre. we also went off to go and see my dear, beloved, wonderful mother-in-law ("Ouma" to James), and young Dylan.

as a treat, i bought the pair of them a rather splendid and magnificent toffee apple each. an old fashioned sort of treat i know, but what can i say? your humble narrator has bought more stuff on vinyl than on CD over the last few years, that's the sort of chap i am.

anyway, initially the toffee apples were a roaring success, and both of the lads rather enjoyed them....

alas, the enjoyment was limited primarily to the initial 50% of a toffee apple one encounters when embarking on a most splendid quest to eat one. when the toffee elements were conquered, they were rather less enthusiastic about the second part of the deal...

ho hum, to their credit they did have a bite or two each of the actual apple part, but not long after that they remembered that they all of a sudden had to go off and play, leaving the less interesting 50% welded together in some sort of bowl!

i did try to get some pics of James with Ouma and what i think would be "groot Ouma" (oh, Ouma grootjie according to the multilingual Michele), but the batteries somehow didn't make it into the recharger thingie after Sun City. sorry, and the below is the only picture i got before the camera told me it was having none of it.

sadly, no full on shot of Michele's rather ace Batman shirt either, then. i guess it's just for me to admire!!

anyway, hope your weekend was as interest and less expensive than ours!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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