Sunday, March 22, 2009

what? let you do the dishes, son? well, ok........

hey everyone

well, every now and then, James gets a rather good idea, and will not relent until such time has he has fulfilled his self-imposed obligations to this good idea. today, for example, he was rather keen to paint the moment he woke up, and would do nothing else (except watch Star Wars The Clone Wars of course_ until he had done some painting.

earlier this week, a similar fancy did James take, and that fancy was an earnest and deep desire to do the dishes. we were just sat watching something when James announced that he wanted to do all the dishes, and off he went to climb up to the sink!

well, as much as i simply love washing up, who was i to stand in his way? he did a rather good job, mind, although i let the dishwasher (thank you Gillian and Grant) do its thing later when he had gone to bed!

his enthusiasm for dish washing refused to be limited to just the things that actually needed washing. that, apparently, wasn't enough for him, and thus he went on a mission to pull various things out of cupboards and drawers to wash!

i am sure that, over time, his enthusiasm and excitement for dishes will dissipate. in fact, it may well already have, since after the adventure of washing this week, he has not suggested that he would like to do it again!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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