Sunday, March 22, 2009

happy birthday Neeharika!

hey everyone

well, there have been quite a few birthday parties this month for James. not to put too fine a point on it, June is a rather cold month in our part of the world (do the math), and the season has just finished then!

anyway, moving along from your pondering of the above, on Saturday i took James along to Neeharkia's third birthday party. it was at the place we went to a party last year, i think it's called "Little Wonder" or something. whatever the name of the place, it really is great fun!

and didn't the birthday girl just look adorable? here's one of the few pics that i was able to take - sorry for the low quality, only had my phone to snap away with!

Neeharika is truly one of the most adorable children you could ever wish to meet. she has such an infectious smile and personality that you just can't but help smile yourself whenever you see her!

although she is a fragile, delicate little child in appearance, she's always keen to get into the rough and tumble of playing with James! for the most part she was kept away from playing too much, lest she make a mess of her elegant dress before pictures and what have you, but she was mostly having none of it and charged after James, Aryan and all the other play friends!

with a massive jungle gym, bouncy castle and lots of sand, James was of course in his element!

the above picture shows exactly how James manages to pick up little bumps and bruises on his way through life. he approaches most new toys and play areas with a sense of caution, but once he has done something once safely, he starts to work out how to inflict damage with them. trying to run down slides, or going down them backwards head first, is a perennial favourite!

the same would apply to climbing frames or jungle gyms too. he doesn't really fall off them as such, and thankfully he also doesn't get stuck in or on them like his Dad used to!

believe it or not, James didn't want to go across this next one at all, as his arms didn't reach to hold both sides. i showed him how to walk along it sideways and then there was no getting him off it!

well, we had a very busy and very fun afternoon! thank you very much indeed to Neeharika and her wonderful parents for the exceedingly generous hospitality and good time!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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