Friday, March 27, 2009

art in a time of laryngitis

hey everyone

well, not the best start to a weekend we have ever had! to start things off, those irrepressible retards at Johannesburg Water somehow managed to cut a major power cable whilst fixing (yet another) burst pipe, so we can look forward to a "random factor" being applied to electricity supplies this weekend. does anyone know the best place to get a few bucket loads of electricity to help tide us over?

on a far more serious note, James had developed a bit of a temperature over the last two days, which in turn served as a platform for a croaky voice and a bit of a cough. the doctor confirmed that the young Master has a bout of laryngitis. oh dear, that means a weekend at home with some treats and some Star Wars films.

James is becoming quite the committed artist, and he was not going to allow a bout of laryngitis stop him making an artistic statement whilst at the doctor today. behold, for James performed his art on the chalk board whilst waiting for the doctor.....

now, i appreciate that this is a little abstract, but James assures us that this is a picture of a Stormtrooper out of Star Wars. erm, when you look at it, yes, i suppose it is! i am not sure exactly what the heart on the helmet is for, but no great artistic masterpiece can ever be truly and fully understood i guess.

and, just so that you can see that being a little bit poorly isn't going to stop Master James being a happy young fellow, here's the artist stood proudly next to his work!

righty-ho, posts this weekend are dependent on me doing nursing duties (Michele is not too well either; no i do not wear a nurse outfit) and how Johannesburg Water get on with working out that water pipes invariably have water in them, and should thus leave any non-water carrying pipes alone.

be excellent to each other, unless you are stood next to a complete and utter doilham that is employed by a certain outfit mentioned above.
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