Friday, March 06, 2009

construction time again...

hey everyone

well, i have a suspicion that at some point i have used the title for this post before. never mind, my dearly beloved Michele and good friend Maria will no doubt appreciate the reference to one of their mutual favourite albums!

James has been to spend some time with Grandma and Grandad again. as Grandad is a master of using resources to their best, and James loves following Grandad around, helping him wherever he can, it looks like the two of them had a most splendid time unleashing Grandad's latest building venture onto the garden.

so enthusiastic to help was James, and presumably so keen were Grandma and Grandad to let him have fun with helping, that it seems the moment the soil (and a healthy amount of manure) arrived for the garden project, off James went in his Wall-E pyjamas and Batman slippers to get stuck in!

i really do not want to know the state of the slippers and pyjamas, i have however noticed that they haven't returned with him as such. note Grandad and Marmite "observing" James doing his thing! well, he gets so focused and determined to do something that he really doesn't like it when you try and help him with it!

a-ha, it would seem that Grandma and Grandad noticed that he was still in his pyjamas eventually, and so soon after he got changed into some clothes more suited to the work ahead. getting changed must have caused something of a delay to the schedule he had in his head, and i think in this next pic James is saying "Grandma, this would go a bit quicker if i didn't have to stop after every shovel load for a picture"!

well, i have received just under one hundred pictures of his day helping Grandad building. as it's usually tricky to get him to pose for just one, i admire Grandma's patience and skill!

i believe the caption for the next one goes along the lines of "Hi hoooooooooooooo! Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go...."!!

so what exactly were they building? a rather splendid, excellent looking vegetable patch, that's what! Grandad grows some fantastic tomatoes, and he's going to have a crack at a variety of other crops in the new area set up for them.

here they are busy getting the soil ready for planting!

talk about the Lord of all that he surveys! here's James taking a quick time out to check that all is going according to the plan that he clearly has in his mind and in his eyes.

the look that he has in his eyes is pretty much the same one on the go when he is trying to get Obi-Wan Older (as opposed to Obi-Wan Older, we will explain to him that they are in fact one person eventually)to batter Darth Vader in Lego Star Wars.

now, Grandad has an interesting method of acquiring bricks for his projects, and it's one that i am not prepared to discuss here, quite frankly. every now and then, mind, he "over assumes" how many bricks will be required, and thus they have to be hauled back down. as has been shown before, however, James loves his barrow work, so this isn't so much double work for him as it is a treat!

and, after all that hard work, time for a quick drink break!

it's not just Grandad and James that need a drink, of course. as all who know and love James are aware, he's rarely as happy as when he has a hose pipe in his hands, spraying water everywhere!

after a hard day's graft, there's nothing like taking a seat on the steps, taking in all the hard work, and having a proud smile about all that has been achieved.

actually there is something like it. rare is the chair that is as comfortable and pleasant to sit on as Grandad's knee....

....and very little in this world warms the heart as much as a shared joke and a giggle with Grandad.

well done on all your efforts and hard graft, James! one of these days i am sure Grandad will name part of the garden you helped build after him! oh, for the record, the pool slide you may have had a glimpse of in one of the pics was put in place by me and my Grandad, ten or so years ago!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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