Sunday, March 15, 2009

happy birthday mother-in-law......

hey everyone

well, irrespective on any power queries (refer to the moans and groans post!) today, we had a fabulous afternoon celebrating my (ahem) "dear" Mother-In-Law's birthday. one day early.

how old is she? well, it would be impolite to tell you that, and if i put the age that she wants me to say she is, i dare say some law enforcement agency somewhere would wish to have a word with me about my ten years and counting glorious relationship with Michele! well, i'm not Bill Wyman or Jimmy Page, i am just a normal person who would never do that and wouldn't get away with it!

OK, after that diversion, on with some pics! the (soon to be) birthday girl herself was somewhat elusive when the camera was about, but i am reasonably sure all anyone reading this site wishes to see is James playing away anyway! first up is one where Sklya, Jade, James and their Mummies are almost all looking at the camera!

as you can get a hint of in the above, James was wearing a class, purple psychedelia like shirt with Retro written on it in big letters on the front. alas, after he dropped and sort of broke the camera (nothing a good yank on the lens couldn't fix), he was less interested than usual in posing for pictures, but here's one i managed to get!

as well as seeing Skyla and Jade, James was of course thrilled to see his rather young Uncle Dylan (long story, don't ask) and play away. the two of them seem to be on different phases at the moment. as the picture below shows, James is still very much a Jedi in training (Padawan, if you will) and is thus trying to make some sort of KFC toy into a light saber, whilst Dylan is re-enacting what is presumably one of his favourite bits from something called Ben 10.

Dylan very kindly and slowly explained to me exactly what Ben 10 is, but i must confess something got lost in translation. the video he showed me kind of helped me understand it a bit, or at least let me know that you get some very cool toys with that name on!

anyway, here's as close as i got to a picture of Monica on her (almost) big day!

it's easy not to notice Monica in the above picture, isn't it? your attention is drawn somewhat to the concerned look on Michele's face. and you have to say it's a rather justified look of concern, since a newly crafted light saber appears to be about to connect with her head!!

and finally, the three of them did their best not to pose together for a picture, but eventually i did manage to catch one snap (out of 200) of Jade, Skyla and James together!

many thanks as ever for the hospitality, and the rather fine braai that was done for the most part by Brandon!

hope you all had a fun filled weekend too, and i bet you didn't get to watch Star Wars The Clone Wars quite as many times as we did......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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