Saturday, November 01, 2008

Johannesburg Water Crisis

hey everyone

despite the overwhelming majority of people here in South Africa being the friendliest, welcoming bunch you could ever hope to meet, the government tends to go out of its way to make people feel as unwelcome and uncomfortable as possible.

if you are fortunate enough to visit and avoid criminal activities (it's far more important to spend money on pretty conferences and new party names than, for instance, an effective judicial system, for instance), the government and local authorities will always be only too happy to find a way to create some discomfort for you.

their favourite method would, as we all know, be to switch electricity supplies off at random, as happened to the frustration of our dear friends from Denver earlier in the year. for our current visitors from the UK, however, they have more or left the power on, instead deciding to neglect and not maintain or repair the water pipes.

our good friend Fred, however, was having none of not bathing for the 3 (yep, three) days that they decided not to restore the water supply, instead opting to go and have a wash in one of the many lakes forming around the broken pipes!

it looks like he's managed to get a good job done with it, too! just as well there is some use from the lakes, i will bet you that the residents of the street will all be billed for the wasted water that flowed for those 3 (oh yes, three) days that this was just ignored!

how successful was Fred's impromptu bath? well, Marmite seems to approve!!

how nice it would be to live somewhere that you could invite friends and family to visit without worrying about the simple, basic things in life!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!! except of course towards incompetent, inefficient state employees. do what you like to them, invariably they are too lazy to trouble themselves with any sort of action or reaction.
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