Saturday, November 29, 2008


hey everyone

well, i'm somewhat sunburnt and slightly tired, but we're halfway through a very busy weekend, so i guess i had better do an update now rather than let all the pictures mount up! those of you who, rather bewilderingly, only visit for my rants and raves around film, music and Frankie may get a bit bored with the next few posts. the sensible ones out there will however enjoy them!

it was James' school concert on Friday, and my what a difference a year makes. last year James got a dose of stage fright and didn't participate; this year you could not stop him from doing his thing!

first up was James and his class performing with the magnificent William, their "tanga nastix" teacher.

William is a wonderful gent; a fantastic role model for the kids and a sheer pleasure to be in the company of. apparently, every week before he arrives for his classes, the kids all gather and chant his name for 10 or 20 minutes. wow, sir, you have a remarkable gift, and bless you for it!

right, all year James has been driving us up the wall by singing a song. he sang it as "who hear this" or "who care this". neither of us could work out what song it was, and he wasn't telling either. it turns out that he was singing the fine Whoomp! There It Is by the long lamented genius of baggy gold pants, M C Hammer. we found this out when James and the rest of the class gave a dancing display to the melodic tunes of the M C!

go on son, give it some!

there was also an exercise display, featuring them running along a bar or pole type thing. needless to say, James rejected all advice around arms out for balance and what have you, and just went for it!

a little later on and it was time for some more conventional music for a Christmas concert, with my apologies to those who, when they think Christmas, think M C Hammer. now, we were wondering why we needed to send in a white pillow case to school about a month ago; the answer was revealed when the children came out to perform!

we had the pleasure of hearing a rousing version of Jingle Bells, with James going for it with the tambourine type thingie in a manner that either Bez, Liam Gallagher or (dare i say) Roger Daltrey would have been most proud of!

oh, go on then, a pic of James more or less on his own!

thank you to all the parents, children and teachers at James' school for a wonderful afternoon! we look forward to seeing the video disc thingie!

right, will try and catch my breath, and then do an update on today's great adventure!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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