Thursday, November 06, 2008

something in the air..................

there was a fascinating report from Barack Obama’s victory speech earlier this week. some journalist, clearly not as taken with the words of the president-elect as, oh, the majority of the rest of us, took the time to report that there was an “unmistakable smell of weed in the air.”.

well, the location in Chicago for the speech was by all accounts a pretty rough area. if there was the smell of nature in the air, it was probably two stoners that hit that part of town every night to do the same thing.

if that was the case, then how would they have reacted to what was going on around them? here’s a hypothetical conversation, then!

Stoner 1 : Dude, who’s that guy in the middle of all those other guys?

Stoner 2 : I don’t know dude, i think they said it was the President or something.

Stoner 1
: oh really? President of what?

Stoner 2 : I don’t know dude, President of America i think

Stoner 1 : Which America, dude?

Stoner 2 : The President of the United States of America, dude!

Stoner 1 : No dude, it’s some black dude. It must be President of the Union Of America or something.

Stoner 2 : sweet, dude.

and of course, when they woke up the next day :

Stoner 1 : dude, i just had a sweet dream

Stoner 2 : oh really, dude? what was it?

Stoner 1 : we were in the park, smoking it up as usual, dude. then this black guy came along, asking for some change and the time. then dude, this is the really cool bit, millions of people gathered all around him, all shouting “change! change! here’s your change, dude!”, dude, and it was like all the world was at one with itself because the dude got change, dude.

Stoner 2 : awesome, dude. i had the same dream, dude, it was great.

Stoner 1 : sweet, dude.

the saying, i believe, is only in America.........................

many thanks to Ronel and Michele for being the usual good sounding boards for my odd ideas!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and smoke 'em if you got 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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