Saturday, November 01, 2008

Count Jamesula

hey everyone

sorry, that was the best title i could come up with!!

it was of course the fabled date of Halloween yesterday, and James had a very smart Dracula outfit from England. we were a bit concerned as to if he would wear it or not, he does get picky when asked to wear something specific. however, once he clocked that the cape with it was quite a bit like the one Batman wears, he was rather keen to get it on as soon as possible!

sorry that these pics are not the best, they all came out a bit blurry for some reason. partially because of a lack of skill from me i suppose, but mostly because he took a shine to running around, flapping like a bat!

my chum Spiros, fresh from his jolly boys' adventures in central Africa, Linda and Robbie arranged a great Halloween party. sorry, most of the pics taken then were rather late at night, and the special night settings on a Sony Cybershot camera are not quite as special as Sony would have you believe.

still, you can take my word for it, James had a great time. he was particularly enamoured with this idea of knocking on doors, saying "trick or treat" and being given stacks of sweets! for personal reasons, ones that i am not going to go into and ones that you do not want to hear of anyway, Spiros tends to keep a bouncy castle on what he calls "his Estate". thankfully Spiros and his chums left it alone long enough for James and all the other children to play on it as intended!

i hope that whatever you did for Halloween was just as much fun!!!!

be spooky to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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