Saturday, November 01, 2008

new newly newest newer pictures from New Zealand!

hi everyone

well, as alluded to earlier, i have plenty of pictures from the clan down in New Zealand at the moment. time for some more glimpses of what goes on in this faraway, curious land!

first off, for some inexplicable reason, Gillian and Grant decided to send me a picture of their dinner, something that they assure me is a leg of lamb...

well, we all know that Grant loves sheep and lovely, fluffy, attractive lambs in particular, but i until this time had no idea that he enjoyed eating them too. i would imagine Grant finding himself on an island populated by sheep would make Grant a very happy camper, so to speak, but i suppose he is indeed on an island filled with sheep, and he certainly does look happy......

nice to see Grant doing his bit in the kitchen. before going out on an evening stroll. alone. in the fields. where the sheep are.

moving away from Grant's nocturnal activities, here's Katie, and oh, doesn't she just love posing for the camera, just like her Mummy!

and here's Daniel, experimenting with a microwave oven. the mind boggles as to what he is trying to nuke, but he is wisely turning away from it just in case it does not, or perhaps does, have the desired effect.

nice one, can't wait for James to try and start blowing things up in the microwave!

Daniel would seem to have a taste for danger. it's very clever to be able to climb up to the top of a slide, and it can be very scary to sit at the top of it, deliberating if you should go down it or not. fortunately, though, if Grandma is around, she will be only too happy to assist with your deliberations and help you conclude that you need a jolly good push down to send you on your way!

Grandma is also personally assisting Katie in the fine art of eating ice cream and what looks like, if i may say so, some rather ambitious and very tasty looking scones. or scone like thingies. well, there's butter there, so they must be scones. or they might be NZ style muffins that they lace with butter. butter that the farmer makes. when the farmer is not tending to his flock of sheep. at certain times of the day. that Grant has made a note of.

i digress somewhat, here's the pic.....

the whole thing looks like quite a meal! i have it on good, anonymous authority from Gillian that Grandma's ice cream is a particularly interesting one, as it is made with a loving dose of something called Baileys, a liqueur with an alcohol content of some formidable nature. if that's what they do to the ice cream, well, then the mind boggles as to what goes into the scone / muffin thingies that Katie is experimenting with!

righty right, that should do it for now! i do look forward to some more pictures being sent soon, in particular if they show Grant in a compromising position. or an innocent, straightforward position really, i am sure i shall be able to wield some sort of interpretation of it here!!

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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