Saturday, November 01, 2008

knowledge is power.....

i really should not listen to the radio station 702. sadly, they tend to have better traffic news than most, allowing for the frequent inaccurate updates they give. on my travels to pick up James it's vital to get details of what's on the road ahead, and sadly that means hearing snippets of the terrible, oddly named Jenny Crwys-Williams. she is usually poor, misguided, opinionated and prone to stumbling through the wrong words and names, but enough about her good points.

on Wednesday 29 October 2008, she unleashed her masterpiece of knowledge. during her regular sycophantic love-in that she calls and "Ad Feature", along with someone called Andy Rice (a gent who wisely uses a posh, plumb-filled mouth voice to hide many linguistic acts of folly and uses big words incorrectly to hide any gesture of intellectual capacity), Jenny went off on a tangent about how advertising and hiring advertising agencies was a good tax break. when Mr Rice, in a rare, succinct moment of being able to talk from a position of a reasonably comfortable certainty to his knowledge, knocked this back, Jenny (i kid you not) proclaimed that "advertising can be used as a tool to help increase sales of products and services".

wow, man. who knew? all those companies financing advertising just to annoy people watching TV, listening to the radio and what have you have been sat on a goldmine! they could actually be using those adverts to sell something. far out man, well done Jenny for researching and establishing this gem of knowledge. i now feel compelled to listen to her show all the time, just on the off chance that she discovers something else, like the beliefs of the incumbent Pope, or where bears tend to perform biologically necessary acts.....

i think the show is "podcast" on their website, if you are bored, download away. there tends to be a lot of poor, dead air gaps on the station's shows anyway, but the one Mr Rice leaves in the air after this revelation is quite special.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!! and for the sake of my sanity, recommend me a make and model of a decent, traffic monitoring Sat Nav thingie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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