Sunday, November 09, 2008

fun, fun, fun in New Zealand!

hey everyone

some more pics from New Zealand, and none featuring Grant or any comments about him this time! well, no comments except to say that there are no comments!

first off, here's Katie and Daniel playing on a rather ace looking play area! going on the experience with the slide (see earlier post!), it's good to see that Katie and Daniel are wisely looking around for Grandma and her helpful, meant well pushes before going too far up and in the play area!

blimey, that's quite a turtle you have found there, Katie! they must have some rather big ponds in the gardens of New Zealand if they wish to keep those as pets!

it looks like bedtime for Daniel! with Mummy and Grandma there to tuck him in and kiss him goodnight, i bet he's wanting to get into bed as soon as possible!

Katie and Daniel's wishes to get into the world of controlling perambulators powered by combustion engine devices seems to be as healthy as ever! it's good to see that Katie is helping Daniel with the steering, it would be wise not to use that flashy, expensive looking television set as an impromptu breaking mechanism!!

Daniel would seem to have the hang of peek-a-boo, or hide and seek if you will. if someone finds him, it looks like he has a vehicle at the ready to head off to the next hiding place!!

many thanks for the new pics, glad to see you are all having fun!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!
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