Saturday, November 01, 2008

New Zealand Clothing Crisis

hey everyone

well, when i asked the fine people (that we know) in New Zealand if there was anything we could send for them with Grandma, i had some ideas as to what they might ask for. Gillian would be likely to ask for several bizarre incarnations of Aero chocolates, and there could be little doubt that Grant would probably want some Eau De Shepherd aftershave for those times when he went out and about. alone. near the sheep.

Surprisingly, however, the request was for clothes for everyone. now, i am not sure what kind of clothing they wear in New Zealand, if any, but we were happy to oblige!

first off, here's young Daniel in a fine check shirt that i found for him, along with Katie peeking in, showing off an ace Disney Princess shirt that we found!

it seems that this shirt for Daniel was quite well taken to by all. i am not sure Gillian would be all that impressed if she learned of me selecting it as it looks a bit like one that John Squire wore whilst in The Stone Roses, but never mind.

speaking of Gillian, i found some smart "Little Miss" t-shirts from the Mr Men series. delighted to hear and see that she likes them!

i sent some quality clothing for Grant too, but alas no pictures have been received of him wearing them. perhaps he is saving his new shirts for a special appointment. out in the fields. alone. with the sheep.

moving on from that, it would appear that word has reached New Zealand of the custom and ritual of Halloween! here's Daniel looking really, really smart in a little vampire outfit!

not too sure about that scratch on the cheek, Daniel - did you take being a vampire a bit too much to heart and try and feed on someone??

i am sure you noticed Katie in the background in her excellent outfit, here's a better look!

i am delighted, as mentioned, that all are happy with the clothes. ahem, Gillian, if it's the case that you wanted all the clothes because usually people walk the streets without them, please send pictures! just not of Grant, thanks!

well, i have quite a few pics of New Zealand at the moment, so expect some more stories to be posted here just now!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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