Tuesday, July 08, 2008

to show from where i came

hey everyone

my dear Uncle Trevor has been sending a number of pictures from the village i still call home, so i thought i would add selected highlights here!

here's a view of the Beck running through Great Ayton, a little after Low Green and before it weaves past High Green - Middle Green, then?

the picture is taken not too far away from Grandma H's bungalow. many, many times have i walked the paths that you see! it would be nice to think that i will do once again one day, in particular heading off to the right, as that's where Suggits Ice Creams are!!

and here's a shot of my equally dear Uncle Colin, stood outside Gran H's bungalow, proudly showing off his new wheels, as it were, man.

i believe i have been supplying some of the quality tunes that one could hear in this car. nice one, hope the vibes sound good!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!
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