Sunday, July 20, 2008

Terminator Salvation

for a few months now, the interwebnet thingie has been debating Terminator Salvation. i say "debating", it's rather the case thatsome sad cases (presumably those who didn't allow themselves to enjoy Terminator 3 because the interwebnet told them not to) have been slamming the choice of director, the choice of cast, the lack of Arnie, etc, etc, etc. no doubt these types did not enjoy the excellent Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show either.

anyway, in the case of Salvation, people have been trying to slate it without seeing an image, script or anything. well, here's an image from the film, an image which i believe suggests my "optimistic, wait and see" approach to the project.

wow, man. if the above image does not look cool to you, then i guess you are not a Terminator fan. no crime in that, i suppose. i am very much a fan, though, and to me this looks ace! a film cannot be judged on one picture of course, but if this is what they are releasing as a sneak look, then so far so good, thank you!

believe it or not, some sad cases have now started to suggest that Christian Bale is "not an action star". huh? no, he isn't in the sense of Stallone, Arnie and the gang. he is an actor, and a rather good one. that's probably the most appealing part of Bale being cast as John Connor, and also the point of the character. he isn't a big action man or military hero, he's an ordinary (sort of) boy who fate called upon to salvage mankind. it rather needs an actor than it does muscles.

not sure of the release date, but the sooner the better!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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