Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the actual film of the year?

whereas we are all eagerly awaiting the majesty of The Dark Knight to be unleashed upon us in about a week or so, i have a suspicion that it will not be the film of the year. going on instinct along, all that i have seen and read of this WALL-E film makes me suspect that this one will be the winner at the end of it all. it would not be without precedent, either - 2005 should have had Star Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith as the clear cinematic event of the year, but instead it finished third behind the brilliance of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and the terror of The Descent.

so far i have seen only the trailer and the toys for WALL-E, but it's all looking good. how exactly Disney and Pixar weave such magic is beyond me - taking a box then adding a pair of bionculars, some wheels and arms to it seems a somewhat simplistic thing to do to create a character, but that's what they have done and made an adorable one at that.

as for the plot and whatnot, i am not quite sure. it would appear that Wall-E himself has been left alone on earth for some 700 years, and has spent that time cleaning the planet. then he gets a visitor, and the whole thing would appear to stem off into a mixture of a love story and a crusade of sorts. as i say, i am not quite sure, but i am interested enough to wish to find out soonest!

i believe the film is out in the States as we speak, and gets released here this week - a rather strange decision, since the school holidays finish here as it opens? i am debating taking James to the cinema for it, but i am not sure how he will be. he may get somewhat annoyed that he can't stop or rewind it, as much as i suspect he will love the size of the screen it is on!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!
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