Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2009 : Remake / Remodel

hey everyone

whilst 2008 has been a varied and rather good year for cinema thus far, the hints are that 2009 might be a trifle familiar to those of us who were around and watched movies in the 80's. is this to be a good or bad thing? not sure, but let's have a gander at 3 of the "big" titles due 12 months from now.....

thus far there has been, i think, 11 or so Jason Voorhees films in a range of Friday 13th incarnations. it's not a further sequel on the way, folks, but a remake i believe. erm, yeah. i am trying to avoid *** SPOILERS ***, but if the plan is to "reboot" or remake the original Friday 13th film, then the iconic hockey mask, which only appeared in Friday 13th Part III, would not or rather should not be there.

i rather enjoy the Jason films, so i am keen to see what this one turns out like. methinks, however, this will be more suited to a late night DVD crowd than it would to any special cinema screenings. it's tempting to boycott it, mind - if this is a success (and it most likely will be as low budget remakes = excellent % profits), watch them go and "re-imagine" the Nightmare On Elm Street films next.

i would love to know who it is that took the effort to decide that the world really needs an update or remake of Red Sonja. i do recall seeing it back in the 80's. i know that i watched it purely as i had a "thing" for Bridgette Nielsen (and if you are reading this Bridgette, bad luck, i am married now, find someone else), and there was something of a cameo performance by Arnie in it. i think Arnie was some sort of quasi-Conan mentor type figure.

erm, that's all i recall of the film. i really do not remember what it was about, or if it was any good or not. if it was bad i suppose some horrid memory would remain, so i guess it was distinctly average. Robert Rodriguez being involved could be a good thing or a bad thing. if it is the Rodriguez genius that delivered Desperado, then this will be an ace sword and sorcery film. if the Rodriguez involved in that total, qualified mess that was Grindhouse is the one behind this, then expect a lame, contrite "homage" that published critics will get all indulgent and excited about in an attempt to show how clever they are by "getting it" when you don't.

and finally, well, now we are talking. after the excellent Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show, a welcome return to the big screen for The Terminator. looking at the $$$$ currently being thrown at The Dark Knight (will try and see that this weekend), Terminator Salvation is going to have a "big star" in the shape of Christian Bale in it. as i said in an earlier post, he is a quality actor; and has been in everything he's done from Empire Of The Sun onwards.

the trailer for Terminator Salvation does a rather nice job - gets you very excited, and very impatient that there's still some ten months to go before we get to see it. the plot details and most of the (alleged) script is out there on the interwebnet. if you are of a mind to do so, go read up on it, but as with The Dark Knight i am trying to keep a spoiler-free stance with this one.

well, there's 3 of a couple of hundred films heading our way next year. one can but hope that they turn out to be decent!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!
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