Tuesday, July 22, 2008

speaking of haircuts....

hey everyone

well, whilst we debate exactly how we are going to persuade James to let us either give him a haircut again, or take him for one, it seems that this act is going reasonably well in New Zealand at the moment!!

Katie it seems is rather comfortable with this haircut business, as shown in this picture!

now, how much of her comfort is down to having an appreciation for excellently cultivated hair and how much of it is down to the fact that she knows she gets sweets and treats if she behaves is debatable!

Daniel, however, did not look at all comfortable with his first haircut. i have decided not to include a pic of him getting his haircut here, pretty much for the same reason that i did not post the picture in which Richard and Erika proved rather well that Lyla does not like clowns (don't ask!!).

that said, he looks rather happy with it all over and done with, and you can't fault the stylish job done on his new hairstyle!

as i recall, it took Michele all of 3 lolipops to get James to sit still for his first haircut. let's see what the cost is this time, as and when we get around to trying once again!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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