Tuesday, July 08, 2008

3 out of 4

hey everyone

well, for two of my regular readers (Mum and Dad), here's an update of 3 of your 4 beautiful grandchildren! i imagine some new pics of Lyla will arrive eventually. they are all fine and well (or, if you will, well and fine), but probably just a bit too busy for pictures since our last visit to them!

first up is James from the weekend, where he went off to "help" Grandma and Grandad with some gardening whilst Mummy recovered from a trip to the dentist! and yes, the weather was as cold as the picture suggests!!

i would imagine that Grandma is in the background to make sure that James does not decide to remove any of the new plants from the garden!!

right, time for some images of New Zealand which, i believe, is also having a rather cold time at the moment. i know of one visitor in particular that must be thrilled to be there whilst it is so cold, but let's all rather concentrate on this stunning and gorgeous pic of Katie!!

and of course, where there is Katie, Daniel is never too far behind! it looks like Daniel has taken a shine to building blocks just like James did at his age - let us see if he follows suit and finda joy in throwing them about!!!

and, since we don't have a new-ish picture of Lyla, let's sneak in an extra one of Katie, then!! looks like she is having fun on the piano!!

i don't think anyone other than Grandad has all that much musical ability, actually, unless you count Richard's excellent skills at loading tracks on to an ipod i suppose. who knows, perhaps Katie's heart will lead her to a passion for making music, otherwise i am sure she will just enjoy listening to it like the rest of us!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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