Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday in New Zealand

hey everyone

well, if i recall Gillian's mail correctly, Thursday is a veritable buzz of activity in the Farnworth household, making today an appropriate day to update the site with pictures i was sent a not inconsiderable time ago!!

Gillian did not give much information, other than a cautionary bit of advice surrounding visiting them on a Thursday. i trust that it was intended as a mere slice of warning advice rather than a warning off, as the tea and biscuit party looks like tremendous fun!

now, i am not sure what they make New Zealand tea from so i will try and reserve a certain ratio of implication in regards of what i suspect might be in it. the photographic evidence of how the fine people of New Zealand believe you should drive a car after some tea, however, in many respects speaks for itself.

and there's certainly no holding back Daniel! not only does he not consider himself in a situation where he may have drank far too much tea already to be at the controls of this curious New Zealand car, far from it.
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