Thursday, July 31, 2008

the changing face of verk

hey everyone

well, the common view out there would be that these blog thingies are all "me me me", with the narrator talking of themselves and just themselves alone. i would like to think that i don't do too much of that (at least not in a bad or self indulgent way!) with this site. that said, thanks to my chum Sinbad, i have a series of pics of my good self during the recent overhaul and redesign of our office here at verk.

here's one of me sat at my old desk, as dedicated as ever, just before all the furniture and things that you can see got removed from those nice chaps that work for the building contractors. i say nice chaps, but, alas, my chum Sinbad has had one or two experiences with them that he has likened to those infamous men from Mr O'Rielly, or if you will "Orilley men" out of Fawlty Towers.

for the two or so weeks that they took to reconstruct my particular corner of our building, i was moved to a temporary area. as you can see, i was able to show the same levels of dedication and interest despite not being in my usual surroundings...

and finally, here i am at my shiny new desk. i have no doubt that you will have observed that, other than the usual display of high dedication, i have also had something of a shave and a haircut in between pictures. the shave and haircut was purely co-incidental, but if any of you feel an urge to see it as a tribute or consequence of my new desk at verk, so be it.

well, there you go, then! i will do my best to not have too many vanity posts like this in the forseeable future!!

cheers again, Sinbad!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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