Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Haircut #2 - 1 Fizzer and 1 Wall-E toy

hey there

well, as i have mentioned before, James has (or rather had) been long due a second haircut. Mummy decided that this weekend was the one to try and do it, and success was achieved. at a cost, of course.

here he is in the "before" state. as class as his hair looked long, it was getting in his eyes a bit too much and was clearly annoying him. you will note that he is busy eating a fizzer, one of his top sweets and usually a pretty good way to keep him sat still for a few minutes!!

and a few minutes was all he did sit still for - here's him graciously agreeing to sit down again midway through his haircut. he decided that it was all a bit too boring and so went for a wander around the house for a bit, it has to be said. however, the promise of another class Wall-E toy saw him returning to the seat and thus allowing Michele to tackle his fringe!!

and, behold! the finished article! Grandma made a comment about him being a mini Onslow out of Keeping Up Appearances! not sure that they do string vests for 3 year olds, but you never know!!

well done Mummy, he looks all the more handsome with his class new haircut!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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