Friday, March 31, 2017

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something more for friends and family, look you see, but the more general or if you like causal observer of this blog from time to time is most welcome to have a gander.

an exceptionally important friend of many years standing - perhaps the longest to have stayed in touch with me across time and years - was going through some papers and documents. this, quite seriously, might have been to find something related to our ambitions for deep space exploration, for this friend happens to be to science and technology what Spiros is to law. yes, i am aware that most of my friends outstrip and shame me with their immense talents; that just makes me all the prouder to know them.

during the act of going through these papers, he found these items. ones which i am most flattered to find that he has kept for just slightly south of thirty five years.

wowee, some correspondence from me from the then other side of the world. as there was no internet and no mobiles, and phone calls cost a fortune, writing was the only way one could remain in contact with friends. and, indeed, yes, i confess that the above shows my handwriting as good as it ever got to be, and it's never been as good as it was in the above. although that looks like Mum kindly added the instruction to the post people to send this via air mail.

a really interesting thing would be the photographs. as one only had a limited number you could take with a reel of camera film, and reprints from the negatives were expensive, i would suggest that the above are the only copies of these particular pictures. as such, i would not have seen them since, you would think, 9th July 1982 or thereabouts, and so i am most happy to see them once more.

you know who you are - thank you very much indeed for saving these and letting me share them once again!

and yes, i do stand by my review of Condorman. excellent, it is, although our boys get bored after a few minutes and insist i switch it off. kids these days.

be fair dinkum to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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