Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Boba Ferret

hello there

just yet another post on the subject of my commitment, look you see, in respect of spending coins of money on any bit of Boba Fett off of Star Galactia or whatever that i happen to see. i'm not convinced that it is so much a commitment as it is a compulsion, or if you like addiction, but anyway.

i was in one of them greeting card types of shops in order to purchase, as it happens, a greeting card. whilst there i observed that a range of Star Wars items had been added to the wares which the proprietor sells. as this is quite rare, for little is done in the way of overt marketing of this particular franchise, i had a closer look to see if there was any Boba Fett related stuff.

there was. but i suppose that is obvious, otherwise this post would not be.

what is it? ostensibly it's one of them "screen wipe" things. one purchases this size of item with a view to using it to clean the screen of their touchscreen "smart" device. cute, fun and presumably gets the job done.

as i do not do touchscreen devices, what with me being purely a button man, i have elected to see this item in terms of it being a miniature toy ferret and, as one would do with any form of ferret, i have taken to walking around with it resting on my shoulder.

that is indeed the side view of Boba Ferret, and indeed if it was a correct recreation of Boba Fett as a ferret one would see a Wookie scalp on this side. there is, alas, no approximation of any sort of scalp.

cost of this latest Boba Fett investment? a perfectly reasonable £3.50. reasonable in the sense that normally a Boba Fett item is one that i would be expected to pay north of £10 for, at the least.

yes, it is quite cute how he / it looks, isn't it.

did they have other Star Wars characters like this? yes. all of them, of course, being the ones what are robots or wear helmets. if Disney made ones of the actual human (or human looking) characters, they would be obliged to pay image rights royalties to the actors what played the parts. that is why we get so much Darth Vader, C3PO and Stormtrooper merchandise.

i have pretty much run out of things to say on this Boba Fett merchandising.

oh yes, whilst there is no Wookie scalp, they have added his smart if somewhat pointless green cape thing, and his boss jet pack / rocket launcher thing.

how does it work in regards of its intended purpose, which is wiping or cleaning the screen on touchscreen devices? i have absolutely no idea. these pictures are the last i have seen of it; the boys have decided that they now own this.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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