Saturday, September 10, 2016



every now and then, look you see, things of interest get passed along to me. i kind of hope this is how the world works for all and sundry in it; with me to be sure just being one of a small minority that would think showing off or sharing such would be of interest to someone.

on my travels today i, as is a fairly frequent thing, called in to see my Uncle. no, not that one or that one, but yes that one. he had been clearing out some stuff, and found some matters of record that he thought would be of interest to me. indeed, as i have confessed, they are and were.

what was it i was handed? mostly some really, really small photographs, but also a newspaper cutting or two. well, actually exactly two. one of which may well be of note for a select bracket of my readers.

yes, Richard enthusiasts, rejoice, for the above scan is indeed the document that you had all hoped existed and been kept safe. it is of course the formal newspaper announcement, and congratulations thereafter, of the arrival of Richard. no, sorry, no idea what the Romeanes named their son, or where he is in the world.

was Richard a much desired brother for me? probably and presumably. my own experiences of children of an age of first speaking suggests that yes, they do get all excited and ask for a sibling, so presumably i am did. and yes i am indeed very grateful for the brother and the sister i have had in this world. it may well be that i have often fallen far short of even the most lowest level of hoped expectation as a brother, but no, they've not let me down.

anyway, photographs. really small ones. i have taken an en masse photo, so to speak, of a selection of sixteen of them, in no particular sequence.

creating a scale for you all is difficult, as different generations would relate to different comparisons. the best i could do off the cuff was to include an 8GB USB "stick" styled like Boba Fett and a U2 CD. or, you know, i suppose what i could do is say they are, give or take, 4.5cm x 4.5cm in size, metric fans (nearly a couple of inches, imperialist fans).

what are they, where are they from, and what is their purpose? well, they are pictures of me, with Mum & Dad, mostly. the way Uncle said it is that you got two "small" copies of pictures with regular prints back in the seventies. i have a memory of some sort of viewer. it was a red thing with a white backing, and when you held it to your eye you saw a larger image. perhaps these were meant to go in those.

a closer look at one or, if i can be bothered, two? surely.

that, i am led to believe, is me in my boss Wombles play house. this was the 70s, so yes that probably is brown carpet, brownish wallpaper and a red chair or couch. amazing times, man.

and it seems for lack of words i could indeed be bothered to add on a second. that would be me marching off to a swimming pool at some sort of holiday resort. where? no idea, sorry.

and that would be that for now. a very nice find indeed, and one i was glad to see!

more such things, and indeed the remainder of our holiday photos of note, as and when......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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