Sunday, September 11, 2016

greta; the Steven Legget experience


there are those of us, and indeed among us, look you see, who can say that they walked the same lands as one whose art transformed a generation. a limited number of those can go further and declare that they knew the one who did. i shall, then, forever be one who can, in terms of the somewhat altruistic artistic avalanche whilst was unleashed on this fair planet by Steven Legget.

Steven Legget is someone that i consider to be a dear friend that i just haven't happened to have actually seen for about 25 years, give or take, and hear from only on a sporadic basis. the last time that i had an opportunity to be, give or take, within the same realm of postcode as he, he informed me that "things were busy". more of that later, and none of this stops him, from time to time, sending on his latest musical ambitions.

and, on that note, here is a sample of greta, the three seconds south of two hour mix which he sent me.

why has he called it greta? it's not for us to ask, and we should be cautious in speculation. it could easily be a reference to the name as it could be a "great" typo that he felt was far beneath him to address. all i know is that is what the mix is called, and thus that is what the mix will be known as.

what it is, however, is superb. as would be the case with the vast majority of his work, i thoroughly enjoyed being immersed within the landscape the sound creates, soaking up the ambience and revelling in the limitless possibilities the music stretches over.

beyond the samples here, in terms of what it all sounds like, think the most amazing film score ever. i'm talking Vangelis working with Jan Hammer, Giorgio Moroder, John Carpenter and Pino Donaggio working together to make something remarkable. regrettably, the film worthy of this as a soundtrack has yet to be made. i mean, sure, Steven could make the film, but there would be nowhere big enough to project it, his scope and ambition is that massive.

i mentioned earlier that actually meeting up with Steven Legget is something of a tricky thing to do. me simply suggesting that we meet was of course incorrect, and probably baffled him. there are in fact two conventional, in his terms, ways of arranging a meeting.

the first of these is to undertake an arduous, challenging, testing yet ultimately rewarding pilgrimage towards him over the course of one lunar cycle. the journey should be something akin to Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountian, only stranger and more hypnotic. at the end of this trek you would be rewarded with being allowed to be in his presence. this is the most commonly preferred approach to take. 

the other approach is less challenging and thus less rewarding. it involves you contacting him with a message along the lines of "Ste, i have some gin for you" or "Ste i have some smart 70s stereo equipment that is in full working order that i want to give you for free". on receipt of such a message, diaries will be cleared and you will be permitted to ensure that he is not displeased with what you bring. 

has the artist offered his own words on this close to two hour opus? yes he has. he described it to me as being "ambient stuff then building into a more odd raymond scott house vibe". i have absolutely no idea at all who or what a raymond scott is, but here's a sample from that ending section for you.

are you, like me a mere acolyte to the talent, able to hear this mix and more? most probably. i know Steven's got one of them "soundcloud" things on the go. you can probably search for him on that, or search for four hands and you will find his stuff. or search this blog for other references.

another image of Steven Legget before i go? i don't see why not, since he sent me three.

anyway, that will do for a bit. i trust the numerous Steven Legget enthusiasts who only ever read stuff on here if it's about him are most pleased with all of this. i know i am.

cheers for getting in touch mate, and cheers for the sensational vibes and stark images.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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