Sunday, September 11, 2016

on the incidental trail of the BFG

hi there

on our wanders around London we did, look you see, encounter a number of temporary installations of public interest related to The BFG. that number would, as point of fact, be two. fear not, though, if you wished for a third, for you may click here and go see the one which i encountered, partially alone, earlier in the year. as, indeed, opposed to later on this year.

what is The BFG? well, for many years it was simply a much loved book by Roald Dahl, as in he who wrote one of my favourite Bond films. quite recently that Spielberg (i think) bloke has adapted it into one of those "animated" films that's not quite animated in the traditional sense, but he seems to like it. i suspect that this film version coming along has somewhat prompted these displays one can find across London.

the above is entitled Sophie's Dream and the boys, being fans of Roald Dahl and more aware of what goes on in The BFG than i am, were most pleased to discover this one.

to my knowledge, the BFG part of The BFG stands for "Big Friendly Giant", and not what BFG stood for in the game Doom. or Quake or Duke Nukem, whichever one it was in which the BFG pretty much secured you victory should you obtain in. as all of these temporary monuments relate to dreams, i will take it as a given that the BFG in the story has something to do with dreams.

hang on a minute, big friendly giant? isn't that a bit of unnecessary description?  surely it is the case that all giants are big, hence them being described as giants. you know what, i will refer the matter to the publishers, just as soon as i have published as many books, pleased as many people with my writing and written a boss James Bond film with a volcano in it like Mr Dahl.

Sophie's Dream was, i think, the first one we found as we walked around London. the second was this one, referred to as The Countess' Dream.

where is it in London that you would find all of these (presumably) short term homages to The BFG? that would be telling, wouldn't it. i would spoil the mystery, the surprise and the excitement of telling you exactly where they are, and so i will not. which is a very handy approach to take, i think you will find, when one has forgotten where exactly they were.

my lack of knowledge descriptions aside, these are really all remarkable works of art. also, it's testament to just how well behaved the people of London - both residents and visitors - are that these massive glass things can stand and be free of harm or damage.

oh yes, there even more, as in quite a few, pictures from our travels to post here. for now, though, let me get along with the day today, see where i end up.

hopefully these images have been of use and interest, passing or otherwise, to fans of The BFG and, if applicable, beyond.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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