Sunday, September 04, 2016

Bearba Fett

hi there

sort of a break from all them holiday posts, look you see, to show off something from our holiday travels but with pictures taken after our return. this might make sense in a bit, or it might not.

in taking in the sights, the sounds and indeed the smells of London, we of course took the boys past Hamleys. or Hamley's, if you like, whichever one is correct. for those that do not know, Hamley's (to stick with one version of the name) is or at least once was the biggest toy shop in the world (i would suspect our friends in America have crafted a larger one), and it certainly likely to remain the most famous for some time.

it's seven or so levels of toys, which came as a pleasant surprise to James and William. on my previous trips i had taken the liberty of assuring them that the only toy available in the whole of London was a teddy bear dressed up as a Royal Guard, as this simplified any requests i might get.

who ended up spending the most, or rather having the most spent on them, within Hamley's? strangely, oddly and yet perhaps predictably, it was i.

oh, yes, indeed. say hello to Bearba Fett, my most smart Build A Bear bear of Boba Fett off of Star Wars. my (considerably) better half saw my immense excitement when i saw a poster advertising it, and there was no way that she was allowing us to leave without one.

this was our first visit to a Build A Bear area for eight years, and our first on this side of the equator. to travel back in time to see our first ever visit - at a time when our family was but three - by all means click on these words here and have a look......

normally one would select outfits for the bear they make, but that would have seemed to be somewhat a foolish thing to do. why, for example, would i place a jacket over Boba's smart armour?as an extra you could add a sound effect, though. sadly you couldn't get a recording of "he's no good to me dead" or "put Captain Solo in the cargo hold", but assuming you can play video, you could - and we did - get this

for those unable to play back video from this site on their browsing device of choice, in essence what happens when you press the right, erm, paw of Bearba Fett is that you hear the Imperial March off of the Star Wars soundtrack. it was the best choice available, although i did briefly toy with the idea of getting the Star Trek theme put in.

Bearba Fett in Commodore 64 mode? sure, why not.

so this is yet more marketing of Boba Fett as a merchandising figure by Disney, they being the ones who now own all things Star Wars. best Disney, then, have found a few minutes of screen time for Boba Fett in Rogue One. if not, quite a wasted opportunity all around. not that i mind being able to own yet more things related to Boba Fett.

the rear, or if you like backside, of Bearba Fett? if you insist.

the inclusion of the olive green cape that Boba Fett has is a nice touch. what would have been even more smart would be Boba's jet pack / rocket launcher thing, but i suppose that's something which would have made it quite tricky to put the stuffing, the heart and the sound thing in, and indeed stitch him all up.

yes, of course i did a little bit of accessorizing of Bearba Fett. they had a range of Star Wars weapons to select from. mostly it was them funny torch swords what the boring characters in the films use, but there was also a space gun that, to my eyes, looked quite like the one what Boba Fett had.

hopefully that comes across all ok, along with the sound, in this video for you, the people who like this stuff.

in respect of other accessories, alas no, a Wookie scalp was not available. just as has been the case with all modern marketing of Boba Fett, the Wookie scalp which he had hanging off his belt (or something) is absent. that's a shame, as that was one of the main things that made him seem like an, in the words of our friends from America, absolute badass.

do i sleep with Bearba Fett with me on a night? to tell the truth, i have every reason to suspect that this was the intention or idea, but alas no, it has not happened yet. William has informed me that it would be much, much better for Bearba if he lived in his room. i have agreed to this, thus far.

right, that's another blog post done, and the ink on my York one is barely dry. i shall return to all of this, tomorrow perhaps, and start to upload and share some of the 800 or so pictures that i have left to go through.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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