Friday, September 02, 2016


hey there

isn't this technology stuff marvellous? i have, along with my family, been away, look you see. before we went, however, i left some posts as being "scheduled" to appear as we were not here, the last three or so. splendid to see that they appeared, and even more of a delight to see that upwards of twenty or so of you have read them. nice one, much appreciated.

where oh where have we been? lots and lots of different places. we're all rather tired out and exhausted from our travels, and when i say all i do count myself in that number. between us my (considerably) better half and i have some one thousand pictures of our exploits. over time the best of the finest shall appear here, but for now, well, this.....

yes, or if you like innit, London did feature as one of several destinations. no, we absolutely could not have gone along to that city without paying our respects to the magnificent statue of Madiba, Mr Nelson Mandela.

this quite remarkable statue has stood in Parliament Square for close to ten years now, and is quite a popular one to visit by people from all over the world. we, of course, have a special affinity with this great man, but make us special this does not - everyone has a special affinity with this man.

there was a campaign to place this statue on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square on a permanent basis. at present that plinth has experienced some slight rotation in statues. the unwritten agreement, however, is that one day - and may this day still be quite far away - it will be used to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II as and when such a statute would be appropriate.

the Madiba statue being where it is, however, is absolutely perfect. it allows people easy access to see and admire the magnificent work, and to remember just what a great man walked amongst us. also, if i may be so bold as to say it, i suspect he would downright love the fact that children may stand under those protective arms of his.

right, that will do for now. bed beckons, people.

more will follow - much, much more. the overwhelming majority of it is good and excellent, except for the bits that involved various train companies from Monday in part and certainly all of Tuesday. but, let us not blight this with all of that here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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