Tuesday, September 20, 2016

the book of shiny things

hello there

one of the characteristics of life in this day and age is that, look you see, one is unable to simply state the obvious if the obvious happens to be that winter is coming. some sort of television show, one of dubious documentary value i shall have you know, featuring a quite randy midget, several people who are very angry and at least one but possibly three absolutely massive lizards has taken it upon itself to adopt, for reasons beyond me, the term "winter is coming" as a sort of catchphrase.

in the apparent absence of being able to use the phrase that i shall not repeat, then, let it be said that cold days shall soon be with us. this also means colder nights, and further nights that expose us to ever longer lengths of being in darkness. with this being all imminent, it is somewhat wise, then, to make sure that the 75% of my family that you all like a good deal more than you do me are as visible as possible of a night.

specifically, the more important 66% (give or take) of the 100% of that 75%.

shiny, on a dark long night, is particularly good. well, reflective more than shiny, i suppose. is there a difference between shiny and reflective? i mean, surely something that is shiny is, by default, reflective to some degree, whilst all that can reflect light must to an extent shine too.

those with some brillio skills on brightness and darkness controls on their monitor or other such viewing screen may well have worked out who the above is, but for those who have not or cannot, here's a picture that does not show off the reflective value.

ta-daaah, or if you like behold, it was indeed William lurking beneath the shine.

once upon a time, i think late 70s but certainly mid-80s, the quality and class of clothing was adjudged purely on the basis of how shiny it was. if you went to work, or indeed the bookies, in the shiniest suit of them all, you were considered top dog. i believe the shiniest suit that ever was to exist - surprisingly not made by someone off of Savile Row - had a reflective value of 98.6. that must have been some suit, man.

anyway, yes, we have indeed taken measures to ensure that both boys are reflective and shiny on a night.

what of visibility issues around my (considerably) better half and i? well, my (considerably) better half has a bonzer, or if you like ripper, jacket that is quite visible anyway. i would imagine, however, that on most nights she would be out with the boys who are, i invite you to agree, going to be quite visible.

me? well, as far as most would care or be concerned, my slipping right out of view could only be a very, very good thing, so i don't bother to make any special effort so as to not cause further upset. the darkness allows me to go all ninja too, i suppose.

right, then, with shiny levels up to the maximum level and visibility pretty much secured, i shall leave it all there for now.

more as, or when, it happens!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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