Monday, September 26, 2016

britpop, you say

who is and who isn't

i should probably stop reading the Metro website, the one that says it is news, look you see, but very much isn't. when not being opinionated gush (they are, after all, the last publication standing which steadfastly will not accept the Brexit vote result and move on like the rest of us) they are specialists in what is known as "clickbait", which is to say alluring headlines that make you click on them, presumably to earn advertising revenue.

i fell for one such clickbait headline today. it was a story that relates to the fact that The Stone Roses have announced another set of gigs, this time in June 2017. i say clickbait, but i would hope that this is in fact what you call that "trolling" thing, where someone deliberately winds up the internet with falsehoods.

she hasn't, has she? oh, yes she has. someone called Rebecca Lewis, who is presumably a work experience kid or simply ill-informed, has referred to The Stone Roses as a "Britpop" band. should you read the whole article, which you can if you so chose do by clicking here, she further asserts that they are a nineties band.

some amazing music came out of that whole Britpop scene, man. it was incredible. alas, and so very sadly for us fans, The Stone Roses were decidedly not a part of it. The nineties version of The Stone Roses kind of fizzled out - "the wheels came off", to quote Ian Brown from 2011 - with an ill-advised Led Zeppelin sound just as Britpop was catching on.

far be it from me to suggest Ms Lewis do any sort of research or such before slamming out an article, but had she elected to do that, she would have discovered that the self-titled album, the one for which the band are so dearly loved, was in fact an eighties thing, as it was released in the latter stages of the 1980s.

but still, onwards The Stone Roses go.

no, there are still no signs of any further releases after them two singles we were lucky enough to get this year. that the band continue into next year, however, suggests that another release might happen.

earlier in the year i jokingly said that a third album would likely be Christmas With The Stone Roses, released just in time to catch the festive market. who knows, perhaps that is exactly what they have in mind.

if you're going to go and get tickets for any or all of these shows, nice one. prepare for an experience you wouldn't ever believe possible. as for the Metro and Ms Lewis, well, perhaps i shall just give them a miss from now on.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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