Sunday, September 11, 2016

the bookie's pencil


quite a bumper Viz weekend for me this weekend, it has been. as well as a really good new edition of the magazine, or comic or whatever, coming along not so long after the last one, their new annual was, to my surprise, on the shelves. at a discounted price, too.

the yearly Viz annual, hence it being called an annual, is targeted at the Christmas market. yes, then, it is out quite a bit early, so are Christmas cards, etc.

according to the global grocer that is Amazon, The Bookie's Pencil is only due to be published, as in made available for sale, on October 6 of this very year. also, at the time of me going to press, they don't have the cover art available. link for Amazon? sure, here it is, but of course as we go forwards not backwards in time, look you see, the details may be all updated.

how come i got it so early? no idea, them lot at The Works had it available for sale, and so they got my coins of money for it. also, less coins of money than the published price. it's listed and printed at £10.99, but as you can make out, i think, i got it for £7.

now that i think, the only times at which i have paid the full published price for any book has been in WH Smith or Waterstones, and even then I have always gone with "buy one get one for £1" or "buy one get one for half price" or similar. should the record industry take a leaf from the pages of the book one (actual books now once again outsell them digital ones), maybe then we could go back to proper records and the record labels would not whine so much.

is The Bookie's Pencil any good? of course it is, it is Viz. there's a fair few adventures of 8 Ace in it, including the celebrated episode where he takes the bairns off for a portrait. sadly there is only one episode of Drunken Bakers, but it's a jolly good one.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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