Friday, September 16, 2016

Spiros Kitchen


one of the more compelling observations i have made on my travels, look you see, is a distinct absence of something. it feels like quite some time has passed since i last noticed an item of quality footwear in the singular being left abandoned. not one shoe have i seen left stray on my movements through the world, or if you like life.

to be honest, there's been quite little that i have actually seen abandoned of late. either people are getting more concerned or perhaps protective of what one would theoretically call their belongings (all property is theft, etc), of the scavengers of this world are getting more pacy and a good deal more prolific.

it was, to this end at the least, with some delight that i then saw remnants of abandonment on my journey that was the day today.

yes indeed the streets at the moment are damp, if not quite sodden. after some monumental heat on tuesday it came to be that wednesday saw substantial rainfall.

we can, and if you bear with me, shall indeed have a somewhat closer inspection of the items abandoned in a moment. for now, though, Spiros enthusiasts will be expecting some sort of update on his exploits, going on the title of this post.

Spiros is, as the enthusiastic readers here will know, a man with many strings to his bow. when he is not engaged in being the finest legal mind of this or any generation, he's out there, like some sort of lone wolf, exploring and challenging the world whilst at times pausing to make what can only be described as short term yet mutually beneficial friendships with his fellow members of the gentry.

recently he has determined a way to combine all of the above, and indeed then some.

indeed, as the title perhaps promised, that is Spiros, scrubbing away at a pan within a kitchen environment. he had taken some time out from his rather busy but interestingly flexible schedule so that he may be of even more benefit to the community at large by assisting in the feeding of the less fortunate members of society. aw, bless, etc.

much of the Spiros lifestyle is spent subscribed to that "a stranger is just a friend i've not met yet" way of thinking. it is true, as point of fact, that the only thing missing from his life in following that approach all the time is a smart cagoule or anorak, and indeed a boss orienteering map.

was there any other motive for his quasi philanthropic gesture pictured above? quite. it came to his knowledge that certain quarters of the less fortunate members of society were very well versed in ways of starting fights for no apparent reason, and in getting absolutely sh!tfaced on what one might call non-standard variants of alcohol which were not intended for consumption. he wished to learn the magic of these new ways, and hoped that his efforts in feeding would be exchanged with knowledge.

i have no doubt that if such an exchange took place, i will be getting the videos and pictures of the inevitable quarrel in the course of time. for now, then, back to the abandoned items.

if we, of should this be incorrect i will take blame alone, assume for the moment that the Smirnoff promotional packaging is incidental, i would suggest that the partial contents of a ladies' purse have here been discarded upon the pavement. from what i can ascertain, that's one of them "pocket" packets of tissues,. along with an unopened and thus presumably unused feminine hygiene product.

how and why did these items come to be abandoned? it inspires, if not asks for, speculation, does it not? perhaps the lady who until quite recently was the custodian of the above was rather keen to retrieve an item from her purse or bag - a set of car keys, perhaps, or a cigarette or money - and did not care what was discarded in her rummaging pursuit. or perhaps the lady was involved in a bout of fisticuffs, and these items became dislodged from a pocket or purse as she lamped someone, or indeed got lamped.

unless by some remote chance the prior owner googles "has anyone seen my tissues and tampon?", ends up here and leaves a comment, we shall of course not never ever know the how or why of this abandonment. the only thing which i can conclude with certainty at this stage is that the lady was either barefoot, or otherwise managed to retain ownership of both her shoes. or lost one or both and a scavenger swept in and took it or them for their own.

more as and when it happens, or indeed when i get around to posting that which has in fact already passed. which everything has by the time you read it here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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