Tuesday, August 06, 2013

the gift that keeps on giving

hi there

after the somewhat serious post i just made, i suppose i had better put some of my usual nonsense to bring balance for the peace of mind of my more regular reader. by some good fortune, my chum Jonathan Granville has provided a most excellent tale to tell.

recently, and if i am not mistaken it was around the time i arranged for a copy of that most splendid film Brokeback Mountain to be delivered to a cousin of mine (fear not, Andrew, Christopher and Elizabeth, it went to Robert), Jonathan seemed to be a touch, well, not upset but certainly left out as he had not received a specially selected gift in the post.

some intensive discussion took place between a select circle of Jonathan's friends, a circle that i was proud to be a part of, and we decided that we must, i say simply must, send a suitable gift to him.

after some discussion, we decided on something and i had the honour of using my own money to place this order for him.

we were all very sure that Jonathan would be delighted when an item arrived in the post for him, a level of delight that surely would only be matched when he played the DVD and indeed CD that was in the parcel.

to our collective surprise and horror, he was not really delighted at all when it landed. the evidence, in fact, suggests that he is quite upset. in regards of one of the allegations that he has thrown at me in regards of this parcel, i can confirm that he is wrong and my parents were married, for quite some time as it happens, when i was born. otherwise, he seems reluctant to accept that a circle of us selected this, and is holding me responsible entire. it's ok, i can take it.

as for the disc or discs, well it would seem they accidentally fell in the bin, and Jonathan has been so kind to take a picture of them before he presumably took them back out of the bin.

i am sure we, the circle, shall soon hold further talks. we will try and work out where we went wrong with this one, but also try and establish where we went right. we will build on that and make sure we get the next parcel even more right than we believe this one to have been, even if Jonathan himself does not agree.

hopefully the next parcel will be agreed upon and sent soon, and with some luck i shall have images of it to post here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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