Friday, August 23, 2013

random pictures from the last week or so

hi there

well, this post does what it says in the title, or on the box if you will. they are presented for your entertainment or perhaps boredom if you are a miserable sort exactly as blogger deemed it the way around to upload them. i suppose i could do them in some sort of chronological order, but quite frankly the last 10 or so days have been a bit "blurred" to the extent of my focus being on another matter, which indeed is my posh way of saying i cannot be bothered.

where better to start off with, then, than the discovery of evidence that young Andrew and the younger Christopher had obtained my blueberry at some point and taken some pictures. now, i know what you are thinking, but this below one is as explicit as it gets.

yeah, that's a total lack of imagination on display from the youth of today, is it not? if they had these blueberry and iTwat things when we were in our teen years, with their ease of use and capacity for loads of pictures that you could easily delete if you so wish, we would have taken someone's away and filled it with an amazing amount of "moon shots". i suppose the above is evidence that the two of them are far more polite and a bit better behaved than when i was their age, but still, come on! technology is there to be abused and used to amuse, kids.

my recent trip was not exactly one undertaken for fun or indulgence, although of course it was fantastic to see as many as i could and indeed relive some very fond memories. closely related to the latter, there, was getting my hands on a can of this.

real, proper Dandelion & Burdock, that is. possibly the finest drink available in the free world. you can keep your fancy la-de-dah cans of coke of various varieties, this is the stuff for me.

theoretically it was summer in England when i landed, and indeed i have been led to believe they had experienced a rather warm one. a number of people, as a point of fact, used some colloquial terms of a sexually-slanted nature to describe the heat experienced. no need for me to repeat them here, but the humidity levels were on the higher levels, believe me.

this of course did not stop a spot of, if i may sort of quote Placebo a bit, English Summer rain. there is, to be honest, just no better kind of rain than that.

just to ensure that no one could accuse me of not sticking to the random side of pictures on this blog, here is an image of the type of coffee that was on offer at the Harlo house, right up to the moment that i went right ahead and finished the jar.

why did i take a picture of it? because i was on my way to the shops to get a replacement jar and i could not be bothered to write down all that stuff on the label, not when a blueberry picture would do the job. i never did get over to buy a jar for reasons we will not go in to, but it doesn't matter, the next day saw a couple of jars of fancy stuff freely available.

and speaking of the Harlo gang, yes they were as infamous as ever. they were also the kindest, most wonderful and amazing hosts as ever. thank you, if you happen to be reading this, for putting me up at such short notice.

the kindness went as far as this indulgence out in the garden, amongst many other things!

yes, i know what you are thinking, but that is not for pot as such, rather it is Lee's pot to use for the disposal of cigarettes. the entire Harlo gang is, wisely, anti-smoking, but they are tolerant enough to understand that i am stupid enough to presently smoke and thus this was provided for me. well, it was after Colin decided to hoy the braai that i was using in the direction of a passing Rag n Bone man, presumably in the hope of shutting him up.

ah, now a picture i am not sure i should be including, but here it is. this is somewhat voyeuristic in nature, and not really the kind of thing you would find on my blog in terms of the high level of erotica it contains. behold, if you will, two ladies who i believe are from the Isle Of Lesbos.

they were certainly quite giddy inhabitants of the Isle Of Lesbos, that much i can tell you. they were sort of excitedly bouncing up and down with joy at everything to do with getting on the plane, in particular being quite excited about an apology for the computer system and that being briefly offline. their checking in was priceless, as they enthusiastically informed the poor bugger at the check in point (and everyone waiting, for that matter) about how their cases were "packed to the brim" with (thankfully unspecified) toys, enough to last for an entire month.

yes, i do mean the two in the middle of that picture, so in all likelihood that is a glimpse, for the first and very possibly last time on this blog, of some quality lesbian elbow for you.

now, no trip of any nature would be incomplete without some requests. this was certainly no problem, but frankly i am not prepared to discuss anything to do with what my Mum asked for (and has got), although i am happy to state it has no relation at all to anything to do with the lovely ladies above. my Dad, however, is always fair game, and i suspect regular readers here will know what he has asked for.

yep, some more love bead toothpaste for him. i am reliably informed that it is safe and legal to send this stuff via the post, so this is what i shall be doing with that stash above. i have just returned from the shops, though, and have discovered that love bead toothpaste is now freely available here. if i find out, however, that you can now purchase it in NZ too, i suspect my Dad will be getting a very strongly worded email or two.

i have never dared try love bead loaded toothpaste myself, for that would mean one tube not going to my Dad, who loves the stuff. i cannot imagine it's all that much better than regular toothpaste, to be honest.

ah, something of a personal picture next.

those in the know are aware exactly of the significance, and fond memories, of the above. for everyone else, let it be known that that apparently small keyring can do some considerable influence to the battery of your car.

food, glorious food, you say. well, even if you didn't here is some. i am not in any way at all partial to the below, but my (considerably) better half very much is. behold, the magic of mushy peas.

i am not at all sure what my (considerably) better half things is so ace about them, but she is always thrilled to get her hands on some as and when the chance permits. the popularity of them says she is not wrong at all, but i still don't want much to do with them.

what i did very much want something to do with, however, was the English proclivity to cover in batter and deep fry any single thing you can think of. i particularly like it when they do this to sausages.

i can assure you the above tasted as good as they look. actually, it was magnificent. the lady in the chippie clearly took a shine to me, since she gave me two and i only asked for one, and she gave me scraps when i didn't even ask for them! what can i say but yummy. yeah, OK, at times it was like just grabbing a handful of oil and ramming it into my mouth, but once in a while that's no bad thing at all.

ah, one of those poorly taken but full of fond memories pictures next.

that's the scout hut where, believe it or not, i was once a scout. considering one hears reports of the kids of today doing all sorts of "hoodie" things, like snowballing glue and joyriding, i was pleased to see that the scouts are very much still on the go. also, the hut is painted a lot better than it ever was when i was in attendance!

speaking of memories, Andrew and Christopher were for some reason quite taken with this next picture. now that i think, this is why they had my blueberry, for in the absence of a scanner they tried to take a picture of a picture, which has not come out all that bad.

that would be me, your humble narrator, aged about 14 or 15. class suit, that was, but i think the boys were much more impressed by the boom box, as they call it, or ghetto blaster, as it should be called. quite a smart deck it was too, as i recall, its life really only ending with a handle snap and subsequent sudden drop to the ground around or near the gates of Nunthorpe School. it was probably playing Appetite For Destruction by Guns N Roses at the time. or similar.

times change, of course. the kids of today do not know the magic of a ghetto blaster, instead having those iTwat things to dig their vibes on. not the same thing at all, really, but there you go. i also seldom, if ever, wear suits of any kind, never mind like the class one above.

i do, however, as you are aware, fiddle with washing machines a bit, and so it will come as no surprise to you to learn that i helped the Harlo gang out a bit with getting this one in their house and up and running.

a very nice machine, that one is. does the job on clothes very well indeed, if not with the singing and the lights that my new LG one does. and yes i did ask the Harlos if they wanted me to show them how ace i am at installing a new flush on a toilet but they said no.

a final picture from my travels, then, and what a lovely thing to end with.

yep, that's my dear Uncle Colin getting some Yorkshire Puddings and chicken on the go for dinner. a wonderful, remarkable and lovely dinner, one that i found as tasty as the sausage fest above and with the added benefit of being a good deal higher scoring on the health stakes.

and that just about covers all of the few pictures i have taken of the last ten or so days. yes, you are right, not one of me at all, sorry! all i can say to close these updates of, bar a few film reviews to follow, is that i hope my next journey is a one way one, and it's all a happy time.

in the mean time, then, please do........

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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