Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday stroll

hi there

well, after a far too long period away from my family, what better way to celebrate being back with them than spending a Sunday morning out and about? you will note that i did not say anything about it being a quiet Sunday morning out, of course.

off we went, then, to Moyo or Yomo or whatever it is down at Zoo Lake for some breakfast and indeed to indulge the ducks. even better than those two things was who we had breakfast with!

yes, that's Ruby-Lee and Lyla with the boys, delighted to be seeing each other after quite a while! it was them getting together that led to nothing at all about the Sunday being particularly quiet! well, for the most part, they were well behaved i suppose. not all that much of consequence got broken, at the least.

mindful of my limited photographic skills and the general limitations of the camera prowess of the blueberry i must say i am quite happy to have captured the above picture, it looks rather good! not that this next one is too bad at all, taken just before they all went running off wild, engaging in ace hula-hoop wars and indeed necklace making.

and where was young Quinn as the four of them did all of the above? he's somewhat young for their antics still, although James and William love to just stand and adore him. here he is, fast asleep after downing two variants of cappuccinos designed for children. yes, i thought that strange too and no i did not bother arguing the merits of it.

it hardly needs saying that it was wonderful to see Quinn! he is growing at a most impressive rate, and seems as healthy as he is happy, which is very!

now, the duck feeding i promised you, and Richard enthusiasts will in particular no doubt like this picture!

duck feeding went pretty much OK, in as far as the ducks at no point circled us to attack, and William did not capture and "play" with any of them. Richard sort of had a go at "skimming" some leftover waffle across the water at the ducks, but the ducks were rather fast on to the food, thus the waffle did not bounce or skip on the water as much as it could have.

James was quite happy just feeding the ducks in a rather more direct way, at least!

one more picture, then, the focus of which i seem to have made a bin for no apparent reason, other than it was there and the zoom thingie on the blueberry was no quite as co-operative as it could have been.

righty-ho, large breakfast + walk around + shops + it is Sunday = quite tired and ready for a nice relaxing laze on the couch, to be honest. James, however, seems to want to play some cricket, so i guess i am off on bowling duty!

hope you have all had, or indeed continue to have, a most class weekend too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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