Thursday, August 29, 2013

Doctor Who mini-figure thingies

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despite the fact that they have been staring me in the face as i sit at my desk for close to a week, i had somehow forgotten to "up" a picture of some Doctor Who thingies that i picked up for my (considerably) better half. whoops, sorry about that.

the revived, or if you will rejuvinated (or however you spell it, i have no doubt a certain daughter of Saltburn will advise) variant of Doctor Who has been exceptionally popular for the last 8 or so years. my (considerably) better half is one of those who has taken quite a shine to the new version of it, so when i saw some sort of "mini figures" at a reasonable price i bought her some of them. well, three.

it was more, if we are honest, 'mystery' mini-figures, as they were in sealed bags and there was no way at all of knowing which characters you would get prior to purchasing and opening the bags. i had hoped to get the Doctor, of course. alas, not to be, but the three that were in the packets, presented here in the glory of Commodore 64 mode iTwat camera, were not bad.

yes, settle down, a proper picture, or as proper as the iTwat touch can do, to follow.

that's Amelia "Amy" Pond with some flowers on her, one of them alien robot type things whose name escapes me and we have thrown out the bit of paper, and Rory as the centurion, from when he was a centurion in one episode. a nice, happy fluke to get Amy & Rory together!

yes, OK, stop moaning, here's the non-C64 version of the picture, for whatever reason you want it.

yes, my (considerably) better half would have loved a mini Doctor figure thingie, but 2nd and 3rd choices would have been Amy and Rory, so there you go. many thanks to the random selection of the mystery packets, then!

and before you start quoting that right-wing propoganda clown and suggest that the above selection was anything "like a box of chocolates" on the assumption that "you never know what you are going to get", let me tell you this - best it be the case that when i buy a box of chocolates what's in the box had better be exactly what it says on the box, or someone from Nestle or Cadburys is getting punched right in the face.

moving on, and i know a dedicated few of you could not care less for Doctor Who, but would be rather keen to see some more Commodore 64 camera mode pictures. i am very happy to provide these for you.

first up, since we mentioned (and perhaps threatened a bit) Nestle, here's a jar of Cap Colombie and a coffee cup ready to make things happen. this first picture is with the "scan lines" mode or setting on.

and here we go with the scan lines mode/setting off.

that's enough pictures of coffee, i think, for the stuff is meant to be drank, not looked at.

more stuff taken in C64 camera mode? why not. here's the Iron Man 3 blu ray disc for you. i picked this up today. i would have probably got it for the boys anyway, but the price was rather good. for some reason the blu-ray, loaded with extras and all that fancy 1080 picture (whatever the hell that means), was cheaper than the film only DVD release of it. strange.

the film itself i reviewed a few days ago, feel free to hunt for the comments. a short version would be very good, better than Iron Man 2 at the least. at the moment, though, i am wondering what would happen if one hooked up a blu-ray drive to a regular Commodore 64 machine. Bruce Lee would be ace, i imagine.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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