Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Camera 64

hey there

well, despite my dislike of the things, it is no secret that i have one of them iTwat things. to make it worse it is one of them touch ones, i.e. lacking buttons of consequence. i sort of manage to get on OK with it i suppose, but for the most part i would rather have one of what they now call the "classic" models.or at least that was the case, since today i discovered the means to make the iTwat into a better, if still sadly button free, machine.

James and William have clocked that you can play games on the iTwat, which means they are now using it more than i do. for my part it sits in the docking station and plays something suitable on an evening when i retire for the day, removed only when it requires charging since those f****** Einsteins at Apple decided to build it so you can't charge it in a docking station. anyway, in looking for some more games for them to play (and Apple have wisely decided not to sell this Angry Birds in South Africa - gee, i wonder why so many people "jailbreak" the machine and just play it for free) i discovered one of them "app" things that does something, quite frankly, awesome. take a look.

the more intelligent, sophisticated and cultured of you will not need me to elaborate any further on why the picture of William above looks the way it does. for the uneducated, or miserable, sad cases who were children of the ZX Spectrum, what my iTwat now does is take pictures as if the iTwat was the (vastly superior) Commodore 64. nice one!

this is all the work of some basic, free "app" off the iTwat store, but if there is a version of it that makes it even more Commodore 64 i will be waving my credit card details at them. as it stands, you can take as per the one above, or you can add "scan lines" as per the one below of my (considerably) better half.

i think this is basically the most awesome thing ever - almost to the point where i actually like this version of the iTwat, since it can do this. i would not be at all surprised if from now on i just carry it around and take Commodore 64 style pictures on a regular basis to post here.

the rest of my family are not quite as enamoured as i am with all of this. James clocked that Daddy had a bee in his bonnet about this and thus he was unlikely to play Sharkie or Stick Cricket on it, so off he went to play Star Wars Battlefront on the PS2.

yes, indeed i did take a picture of him playing it.

i cannot for the life of me think why you would usually want to see a picture of me at all, but all of a sudden the idea of a picture of me becomes quite class when it is presented in a way that it would appear on a Commodore 64. so here you go!

i usually would not care at all for images of me, but even i have to say that one looks ace!

William wanted further pictures taken of himself with this newly modified toy of mine. here he is cuddling up to Mummy after a stunt went less well than he had hoped.

i think that looks quite stylish, and certainly strengthens the argument that the Commodore 64 should be the main PC of choice in the world today.

that the iTwat has a camera thing on the front and back allows for a better quality of self-shot picture than the hit and hope nature of my blueberry, or even a "proper" camera. i got a bit carried away, then, and so what follows are a few pictures of me and my (considerably) better half.

that one above is taken, as you can see, with the scan lines thingie on, and the next one is with it off. i have no idea which style i prefer, they both look amazing and awesome!

i know that the Apple approach to advertising and promotion is less normal adverts, more massive discounts to "members of the media" who somehow then go on to give fantastic reviews of any rubbish they put out for sale, but if they advertised that their devices could be turned into Commodore 64s then they would probably have less negative comments muttered about them. i would certainly appreciate them more.

yep, one more with the scan thingie off, which i think might be my favourite way of taking pictures with this particular "app" thing.

so, there you have it. if you have one of them iTwat things too, you can make it seem not so bad by going and getting this installed on it. if you do, i hope you find it as ace as i do!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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