Saturday, August 03, 2013

rock and roll star!

hi there

modern music is not quite dead, as it happens. there are some very, very good new bands coming through i am happy to say. one of them is called Ground Pilots. you can check them out over on their official website as soon as you have finished reading here!

produced by Brian "Nasher" Nash (yes, the Nasher, the legendary guitarist and songwriter from Frankie Goes To Hollywood and the artist behind three amazing solo albums), the band have been gaining an audience of considerable size with each live performance and each new single release.

their debut album will be out soon, but in the mean time their fourth single, The Entire World, will be released on 29th August. you can see the video and hear the song right now by following this link.

and look at what you will see when you do!

blimey, i am a rock and roll star at last! well, sort of! better me doing this than singing or playing an instrument, trust me!

as the song is called The Entire World, the band and Nasher called on fans from around the world to hold up selected lyrics from the song, film it and send it on to them. the results are truly brilliant - mine is the most boring segment really, apologies for letting everyone down a bit.

many thanks indeed to the band for letting us contribute, you have made a brilliant video!

now, decent music lovers, go and check out the Ground Pilots!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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